3 Steps Ahead – Ascending The Heights

Arise Nandi Announcements


Join us to arise together (Photo:AN)

News + Announcements web page
This is a new page in Arise Nandi site “News + Announcements” that will serve the public with key News and Announcements as they emerge around us – to fulfill one of the core objectives of informing the community and creating awareness.

This Page comes anew and in a perfect timing following the rise in development projects across the county that we felt happy and obliged to spread and share the success with our lovely fans and residents of our county Nandi.

The Facebook FanPage

In addition, this follows another newest facebook page dubbed Arise Nandi Today. This fan page is on facebook and it serves to connect our social media fans as a special platform to interact, chat, meet and share our success stories. In Arise Nandi Today facebook page, we post inspirational messages, news, articles, spectacular pictures, and more you won’t dare miss!

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Special Newsletter

Arise Nandi is also designing a Nandi Executive Newsletter that will not be published in the website! This Nandi Executive Newsletter will ONLY be sent to Subscribed Followers of Arise Nandi by mail.

The exclusive monthly newsletter from May will contain:

  1. Classified news and updates
  2. County leaks and secrets
  3. Romours of the month
  4. Sponsored campaigns
  5. Short Humor

And as we make 3 steps ahead to ascend the heights, we kindly need your support to help Arise Nandi stay online.
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