BENARD KITUR: His Grand Welcome, Political Showdown and Keter’s Uncertainty

Exactly 48 hours later after Nandi Hills residents humiliated Alfred Ketter – who had come to seek solace and sympathy after his nullification, his archrival political nemesis was given a ceremonial grand welcome today, to the chagrin of his weeping sycophants. To Bernard Kitur, it was a song and dance again to an independent candidate who lost to clinch the seat during last years’ elections, but was applauded today as he made his entry to the CBD waving at the cheering masses who braved the drizzling rain to listen to a man who has been helped by the locals to “slay the dragon”.

Despite rumours that Keter had hired goons to create tension and disrupt the rally, the plans fell flat on their faces when the address went on peacefully around the town as opposed to their previous rally which was prematurely cut short as Keter was heckled and bared to enter into the streets. Three youths suspected to be Boda Boda operators took to their heels when supporters of Kitur confronted them when they tried to chant against the leader to whom many has grown to love.

Mama Sokoni’s welcomes Kitur in songs and dance

The paradigm shift witnessed in local politics as alleged is as a result of; Keter’s incessant lobbying/support to outsiders instead of the welfare of Nandi Hills residents, indecent public behaviour where he had allegedly slapped a youth in Chepkunyuk during campaigns, roughed up another in Eldoret, accusations of forging 633, 000, 000 T-bills and behind the arrest of Boaz Bissem.


Keter is also facing the wrath of wanainchi after lying one too many about the construction of Samoei University in Nandi Hills, which has since been relocated to Mosoriot Teachers Training Institute. Roads, especially Kaptumo – Mugundoi, Nandi Hills – Himaki – Lessos where he had promised to bring the contractor early last year are still in pathetic conditions.

The first stop-over in the CBD

It is not news how Keter brags to people yet he has not tabled and successfully move a motion in Parliament to address among others, historical injustices, land grabbing, poor tea prices despite being the best quality in the region, CDF exploitation and failure to attract governments non-governmental agencies for development during his time as MP. Some critics say he was bribed to mute by multinational companies, though without any prove yet. All in all, Keter’s election was nullified and he has vowed to make a comeback.

Arise Nandi

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