BODA BODA RUN: Nandi Hills Riders Competition 3

The first of its own,32 Boda Boda operators registered today to run and compete for various prizes. Organized by Nandi Hills Boda Boda Association and supported by area MCA, honourable Gideon Koech, Nandi County government, Officer Commanding Station (OCS) and TVS motorcycles started 11:20AM. The starting point was Kaboswa to town’s central business district.


The prizes included money and reflectors (top twenty) where the first 5 won money. The top five were:

  1. Frankline Bett Yego
  2. Evans Kamanda
  3. Francis Bett
  4. Haron Nyamwamu
  5. Kevin Nyabuto

Nandi Hills MCA asserts that he will endevour to support such events in future as this promotes road safety, sport culture and traffic awareness. The Boda Boda Association appealed for more sponsors and good will saying they will plan another big event June this year.

Number One: Frankline Yego


Distributing reflectors


Arise Nandi

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