BOOST TO FARMERS: The Bahati Dairy Trip and New Animal Health Officers

In his promise to transform agricultural sector and improve farmers’ welfare, governor Stephen Sang today sponsored farmers in a visit to Bahati Dairy farm. Among other things, farmers have learnt the latest methods of dairy production in the demonstration site and will not only benefit from skills and knowledge transfer, but also get subsidies and assorted farming materials from the ministry of agriculture.

Farmers Field trip today

To actualize his manifesto and development and in line with the president’s Big Four agenda one of which is Food Security, Nandi County government through its Public Service Board recently advertised 30 vacancies for animal health officers that will be employed and deployed to various wards across the county to:

  1. Offer training and extension services to farmers.
  2. Respond to farmers challenges as they’re within their proximity.
  3. Liaise with farmers and the ministry in on matters supplies, and
  4. Marketing farm produce and identify access to new markets, etc.

Nandi County farmers boarding the County Bus

With the last year’s resumption of the Dairy plants that had grounded to a halt in the North Rift region by President Uhuru Kenyatta, Nandi and Uasin Gishu farmers are now at the vantage position to benefit through their milk and other dairy products through value addition.

The department of Agriculture & Co-operative Development headed by Hon. Wilson Kibor Taiy   states:

“High potential areas of milk production have been identified and the County will acquire milk coolers for them so as to reduce wastage of this important commodity. Renovation of cattle dips and procurement of accaracides at a cost of Kshs 42 million will be a game changer in this sector. This will be followed by a well-thought out Artificial Insemination service at a subsidized fee and will in the fullness of time make Nandi the ‘Netherlands of Africa’ known for high pedigree milk producing breeds.”

Governor Stephen Sang, Chief Agric. Officer Bennerdate Tiony and other leaders flagging farmers to Bahati


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