DRAMATIC SCENE: Ongoing Rally, a Landing Chopper, Scuffles and Calm as Nandi County Leaders’ Convoy Approach

Dramatic events erupted this afternoon in Nandi Hills town hours before Uhuru and his Deputy arrive tomorrow morning!

The town was still and business went on as usual, already with news that President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy will arrive in the morning. Some workers were seen from one electric pole to another fixing street lights. There were none in town for decades. But things changed as an independent candidate eyeing parliamentary seat in Nandi Hills Constituency was addressing a rally at Total Filling station, when red helicopter hovered above the sky and made two rounds before landing.

Residents started suspecting the chopper as carrying a political nemesis to Benard Kitur, both seeking MP seat during August 8 General Elections. Residents expected incumbent legislator Alfred Ketter to step out of the chopper that touched the ground near the CBD’s main junction, and some immediately started singing “Kitur. Kitur. Kitur. Kitur!”, while some started running towards the chopper, only to be shocked by a mistaken-identity.

Alas! It was not the MP, but Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Ketter. He walked accompanied towards the Kitur’s crowd and before long and after a short brief, Alfred Ketter arrived.

Scuffle ensued. There was a push and pull and Alfred’s team were overpowered by the surging crowd, rushing the MP to the car. Charles followed in order to make address from the vehicle.

Benard Kitur and Charles Ketter addresses the crowd after landing, minutes before the convoy arrives.

Benard Kitur and Charles Ketter addresses the crowd after landing, minutes before the convoy arrives.

Already, a convoy of leaders from Nandi County had lined up behind with their campaign songs. The town came to a standstill as leaders emerged atop their vehicles and started addressing the bulging crowd.

The scuffle. Charles Ketter tries to rescue!

The scuffle. Charles Ketter tries to rescue!

Alfred started and was immediately booed and shouted down. After desperate attempts to calm the crowd heckling him, he got sad as his voice was swallowed into the shouting supporters of Kitur, an independent candidate.

Alfred was irked and uttered, ” Yaani biik somok kityo?”, Nyamaseni! Hii shilingi mbili…”, “Wewe SK, unaharibia nani mkutano?”, asking pointing a finger towards a shouting crowd.

Charles intervened and as calm was restored, and all the leaders addressed the rally, praising the CS installing about 20 street lights street lights today which covered a minimal area in town, promising more lights will be supplied soon.

The climax of the ambush rally was when Wakili Arap Sang, current senator and nominated governor took the microphones and addressed the residents, expressing that he expects a celebratory welcome to the head of states. He, and his friend nominated senator Wakili Cherargei asked for a large turn out tomorrow morning to welcome Uhuru and Ruto seeking another term to the State House.

Nominates MCA for Nandi Hills ward, welcomed the leaders and thanked the residents for voting him, asking to be voted finally in the August 8.

Nominated Woman Representative pleaded, ” Please, mowagee Arap Ketter mutai komitei kandoik, President, kasamook kwa lakwetab gaa.”

She urged the residents to turn out in large numbers to welcome president Uhuru Kenyatta, who’ll be in Nandi Hills for the first time since becoming the president, and his Deputy William Ruto who’ll be gracing his third visit.

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