KAPLEGETYO – Happy International Women's Day

International Women's Day

Photo – Arise Nandi

As the world marks International Women Day, Arise Nandi wishes all Kalenjin Women – Kaplegetyo a happy one, for their courage, hardwork and their unconditional love to family. Our mothers, you are the symbol of family and without you we don’t have a name and clan. We love you too.

As Kenya finalizes the Governors’ Devolution Conference in Naivasha, it is important to note your contribution from your leadership and non-leadership positions that you possess in our counties and communities.

In Kenya, Women Representatives across the country have done good work in empowering women groups and youth economic activities, and this being your day worldwide, Arise Nandi takes cognizance of your work and congratulates your efforts to bring about positive change in our communities.

And need I mention to Kaplegetyo, you make the best mothers, you nurture your children well, you tell of tales that carry wisdom with it. Your moral lessons make our sisters good wives and sons respectable men of clout. Like a badge of honour, you manifest your authority as second in command.

No one in the world beats Kaplegetyo of Kalenjin in making Mursik, the sweetest drink inside beautifully decorated Sotet, that our heroes cannot wait to take a sip once they step out of the planes.

Wendy Jerono Cleaning Sotet -Photo/Courtesy

Wendy Jerono Cleaning Sotet -Photo/Courtesy

  • In seeking marriage proposals and family introductions – you are option number one.
  • In seeking peace and mediation – you are option number one.
  • In seeking women ceremonial folk songs – you are option number one.
  • You’re option number one to many sons and daughters seeking help from family.
  • Sigo lal ma kapchi – you’re option number one.
  • Thank you for the roles you play from the house chores, nurturing, farming to leadership.

Kongoi, Happy International Women’s Day.


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