NANDI HILLS Decries Bouncing Cheques Given Out By MP Alfred Ketter

Wonders never cease. Nandi Hills MP Alfred Ketter yesterday pulled yet another public stunt after losing in Kericho’s by-elections on his preferred KANU candidate. He has been booed both in Kericho and Nandi for his boring rhetorics of self-praises and taking Kalenjin opinions for granted. Recently angry residents in Lelmokwo asked him to go and vie in Kipsigis and as the crowd charged he ran to the chopper with the help of security guards.

This time round the member of parliament sensed growing rebellion in his homeland and yesterday he called residents of Nandi Hills to his home – not to celebrate any victory or launch a developmental project but to eat meat and rice, and be told “sorry”. An innocent person do not apologize but the guilty does.

Ketter knows very well that he has abandoned Nandi Hills far too long. His fake and bouncing cheques in several harambees, poor representation, CDF misappropriation, fighting for matters not in the interest of Nandi Hills people among others, are reasons residents here have said “enough is enough”. Even my neighbouring Kimolonik Village where he frequents regularly are tired.

Almost all the streets aren’t tarmacked in County’s second largest town. Tea Outgrowers are complaining of poor prices, youth are still unemployed and many other challenges where the MP is tasked to address by the constitution that explains the roles as debating and resolving matters of concern to the people or electorate, but Alfred Ketter has failed on this one.

We the people in Nandi Hills want a new MP. Ketter has joked enough and it is high time Nandi Hills Constituency needs redemption and an objective leader who is ready to give NH a face lift.

I thank fellow residents who went to eat what their misplaced funds had to buy for the meeting. I thank the people who, after getting satisfied, went ahead to despise and accuse the MP of his failure to deal with matters Nandi Hills.

He apologized and I think he’s forgiven, but he should know forgiveness is not re-election.

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