Nandi Youth Set To Roll Out Big 4 Agenda Merged with Governor Sang Manifesto

In his manifesto to transform Nandi County and empower youth programs, his Excellency governor Stephen Sang has heed the push by President Uhuru Kenyatta to merge his development manifesto with the Big 4 Agenda.

These agenda comprise:

  1. Food Security,
  2. Universal Healthcare,
  3. Manufacturing and
  4. Housing;

will be driven by youth in the county. 6 Constituency youth representatives from the county in 5th Kakamega Conference have discussed with the governor ways to set out implementation to the grassroots level, beginning July.

CEC for Youth, Gender and Sports Elly Kurgat


CEC for Youth, Gender and Sports honourable Elly Kurgat has expressed support for the upcoming youth-driven agenda, where among other things will focus on;

  • Agriculture
    • Food and Nutrition.
    • Agribusiness and value addition.
  • Water and Sanitation
    • Water harvesting for agriculture and domestic use.
    • Promoting community access to affordable, clean and safe drinking water.
    • Waste management and recycling.
  • Health
    • Promoting responsible health practices in the community.
    • Awareness creation on water borne diseases.
  • Climate Change
    • Tree planting and anti-tree cutting campaigns.
    • Promoting green energy.
    • Building community resilience to address climate change.
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
    • Training youth and women on business and entrepreneurship.
    • Savings, investment and financial management knowledge.

Ellie Melly representing Nandi Hills constituency and a Project Coordinator at Nandi Hills Youth Business Community group, was among youths meeting governor.


Ellie Mellie, Big 4 Ambassador meet Governor Sang

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