"Ni Tricky": Henry Kiprono Kosgey bid For Nandi County Hits a Dead End?

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Arise Nandi Media has been around the web collecting opinions and messages mainly about Henry Kiprono Kosgey on his aspirations to be the next Nandi County governor. “Ni Tricky” as one lamented, saying that leadership in Nandi is not for one family (as his son Alex Kosgey is MP in Emgwen). HKK, as he’s referred on social media, was MP for Tindiret Constituency (then Nandi and Tindiret constituencies combined before devolution) for 34 solid years! – And now nothing to show for it! It is claimed he sold out Nandi Hills and environs to popular multinational tea companies by allegedly being bribed by Kaprochoge Tea Estate to be his own, and given the largest stake of Kibwari Tea Estate by Eastern Produce Kenya, EPK.

The power of social media cannot be underestimated, as Arise Nandi found two long messages trending across the popular WhatsApp groups in Nandi County. When Kenyans on Twitter (#KOT) trended #ArrestKoffiOlomide, he was immediately deported and his million shilling concert cancelled.

Will Nandi County voices against HKK be successful? 
Here are the messages…

(Name concealed): The area covered by tea estates in Nandi amounts to about 50,000 acres valued at conservative Ksh 130,000,000,000 (130 Billion). To bring this into perspective, if this values were to be equally divided among the households in Nandi, every Nandi household would be at least 1 million shillings richer. There should be no poverty in Nandi!

This is land that was grabbed from our ancestors by colonial mercenaries through bloodshed, eviction, impoverishment, enslavement and other atrocities.

Upon achieving independence, top on our agenda was the return of our people to their ancestral land. Our true leader JM Seroney put in no uncertain terms in the Nandi Hills Declaration of 27th July 1969.

But alas! The stealers in government had other plans! First they dispatched JMS, Shadrack Kimaleel and any other principled leader. Then they installed puppets.

HKK and CS Leting were each paid handsomely with 5 square miles (3,200 acres) each of tea estates so that they can look the other way as ownership of tea estates were cleverly moved from European to Kenyan ownership! All these while the true owners (the Nandi) remained squatters!

Apart from facilitating the disenfranchisement of the Nandi off their birthright, HKK oversaw the most spectacular corporate collapses in modern Kenyan history. Talk about the hollowing out of KP&TC, the collapse KNIC (Bima), KNTC and others! HKK then slowly and painstakingly increased his ownership and control of matters tea over the next 4 decades.

Following the recent purchase of Nandi Tea Estates by HKK’s right hand man, HKK is now the ultimate tea baron in Kenya.

He controls tea production and marketing. He determines your tea monthly and bonus payments through an intricate web of proxies, agencies, brokerages and shadowy companies.

Kenya has been partitioned between political barons as the citizenry is kept busy with empty slogans, tribal vitriol and other animations.

The second message that caught the eye of Arise Nandi was this…

NOT HKK 2017!!

I rarely write much in the area of politics, for good reasons. Today, in a Chat-room, I cut my teeth into the Candidacy of Henry Kiprono Kosgei- the 6 time Tinderet Legislator, who has served equal time in elective position with the former president, Mwai Kibaki.

Henry 68, commonly known as chairman (ODM) or HKK has declared interest in the Nandi gubernatorial in the next general election. Like the other two mongrels, gunning for the same post, these candidates have presented Nandi residents with a moral test.
I thought it would be fun to say something about Henry with the hope that it will help expose some of the more obvious challenges with his personality, leadership style and policies. In doing so, I hope to help my friends Dr. Felix Ng’etich and Isac Rutto and other HKK’s apologists to see sense in stopping the old geezer now and let us move to a more interesting debate material.
Exceptional challenges from Tindiret and HKK’s 34 year rule compels any Nandi resident with political wisdom to fear this geezer. Lessons from his biased resource distribution, allocation, land grab and choked up opportunities compels me to speak against him.

Development, prosperity, inclusive community advancement and democracy cannot be used in the same sentence with HKK. Land and HKK are synonyms.
Facts do not determine arguments, arguments determine facts. Henry’s record of (non)achievements, policies, development and public interest representation is an archive of painful stories, aborted dreams, grabbed opportunities, missed education, squatting-populations and poverty.
For 34 years, in parliament and holding key ministerial positions; he did not fix roads; did not construct any crush, cattle dip or health facility; he did not agitate for any reforms for maize, cane and tea farmers; he oppressed the bright students of Kipnyalili; denied residents opportunities for employment; he displaced residents to expand his tea empire…etc etc.
In his 34 year tenure, we were forced to squat and beg. While other places created millionaires and economically strong households, dependency and poverty in Tindiret shot through the rooftop.
Like America’s Donald Trump, Henry’s gubernatorial campaign is a campaign fuelled by self interest and self regard. His, is a bigoted interest to protect the grabbed wealth and to advance his greed and glutton for public land and investments.

  • His agenda is mockery to tea farmers, professionals, history, accountability, memory and facts.

Kipnyalili‘ is irredeemably compromised in Henry’s eyes. The dreams of stakeholding in the multinationals, obtaining corporate social responsibility, access to equal opportunities, nurturing talent and rewarding merit disappears that day Henry becomes the governor.
It is our obligation to build a better future, basing on lessons from our past. STOP HKK 2017!

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