REVENGE? – Sacking 1,200 Employees & The Last Minute Looting Strategy Exposed

Barely two months to vacate Nandi County’s highest office after losing to Stephen Sang in the last nominations, Cleophas Lagat administration has devised a plan to revenge and loot any shilling still remaining in the Finance department.

The first attempt backfired. Mr. Buigut, the Chief Officer Roads had taken 5.7 million cash to hide in his house. He also took receipts and other relevant documents away from the office in an attempt to conceal evidence, perhaps when auditing officers would knock the doors of the county office.

But to the chagrin of looting masterminds, it was their “bad luck” when he was apprehended following a probe on misappropriation of approximately Sh 2 billion at the county. Eight other officials are being sought after they went into hiding during the raid which targeted their houses. The recovery of the documents, EACC’s Otiko said “would make headway to investigation of other corruption allegations.”

The cartel did not stop there! Another plan was quickly hatched and it was the sacking of 1,200 employees, that has been seen as a desperate PR exercise to appear concerned.

Arise Nandi - We Rise Together

Arise Nandi – We Rise Together

Political pundits have expressed fears that this sacking maybe, one; to swindle the salaries and device a blame game that they were not qualified, or illegally employed to Nandi County government without following Recruitment and Employment rules and regulations, and two; that 1,200 employees were either ghost workers whose salaries went into the pockets of the corrupt or they were placed there as “spanner boys” used to facilitate looting – similar to Anne Waiguru and Josphine Kabura style.

Why Now?

4 years ago Nandi County Public Service Board was employing staff on the basis of corruption and nepotism. Over 60% of county employees were employed illegally and many are not qualified to the office and work they are assigned, evidenced by poor service delivery to the people and the worst rating of poor health services.

Why Now?

Where was Cleophas Lagat and Francis Ominde since 2013 when quacks were employed to Nandi County, just to emerge from nowhere to blame NCPSB, sack 1,200 workers and claim to “sanitize” the public service, yet it was them (among others) that endorsed recruitment of friends and family without considering their qualifications? County secretary is now blaming Esther Chelagat Letting the Board Secretary for employing the staff without his knowledge and authority, who in turn claims that she received  instructions of employing staff from the high and mighty! Who’s fooling who?

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The national Treasury has stopped funding county governments until after August elections. There is no substantial amount of money safe for  the recurrent expenditure meant for salaries.

If this is not a last minute looting strategy, it is likely a revenge after spending millions in the campaign. Cleophas Lagat had banked his hopes with county staff. He instructed every employee to not only vote for him, but also to mobilize family and friends to support his reelection in order to maintain the status quo but to their shock, the residents who had declared change would here none of it.

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