Solutions To Ending High Cost of Living.


My call to all Kenyans is to keep safe their Identity and Voters Card until 2017, and elect a new young and humbled president to lead this country. Am suggesting this because a humbled-background leader knows the problems facing his/her people, have undergone some of the experiences living the poor life, as opposed to the spoon-fed aspirants raised to politics because of their money influence, without knowledge of the challenges facing the underground.

This Vote4Poor Initiative will tirelessly mobilize youths and spread awareness of getting rid of irresponsible leadership, corruption, and instil ways of curbing these vices in our society. Giving the poor leadership is a great stride in making a difference in this nation.

Refuse to be bribed. Say NO to corruption. Know your rights and vote for that person whom you trust will not betray you by keeping his promises and fulfilling them to the later.


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