TEARFUL CONFESSIONS: “Farouk Kibet Called Me, But My State House Invite Card Was Denied by Laboso’s PA” 4

The best campaign puller for Governor Joyce Laboso was ‘Jubilee Tosha’ a song that describe “Kibendi Tai, Kimache Tai”, (forging ahead) a thriller song in Rift Valley and particularly in South Rift which continues to grace the screens of many a clubs and social joints today, albeit over 3 months after elections. Composed and recorded by a first time musician, the lady immediately became a sensation and has been praised for making significant efforts to Joyce Laboso’s win in the Bomet 2017 gubernatorial race.

Marion in Kapkatet

One hit-wonder girl, Marion Cherotich was invited to hundreds of campaigns across the country, and she was cheerful and optimistic that her success has come knocking, noting “when I entered the stage and shook Uhuru’s hand and Deputy Ruto’s, I knew my life has changed for good”.

She has said this in her recent media expose following her tribulations in the office of Governor Laboso.

“But since I sang for Jubilee until now, there is nothing substantial that I can say I am happy for. Where I thought to reach, I have not” tearful Marion says who adds that she was not paid for performing for president, cabinet secretaries and other dignitaries in Kapkatet historic grounds where she struggled to have her song played after residents demanded it.

She was instructed to go and burn her song that was inside a memory card into a CD, so that she can perform. She left to Litein without cash, promising Raymond Mogogo, a boda boda rider to pay later for her fare after performing. She indeed later paid him after fans and Jubilee supporters contributed for her after the rally.

In Eldoret political rally, where she says that the office of Deputy President William Ruto called her, she went and performed and later the MC (Master of Ceremony) informed her that her payments worth KES 250,000/= have been given to Bridgit, a personal assistant to Bomet governor Joyce Laboso. After calling the PA, Marion was informed that the matter will be settled in the following morning, which was never to be to date.

But the heart-break to the promising talent was not yet over. She was gazetted (appeared in national newspaper) to be among other musicians (including Ben Githae) to grace the VIP section in Kasarani during the Jamhuri day, and most importantly attend the State House luncheon.

“Farouk Kibet called me and insisted that I should be in Kasarani.” She accepted and boarded a designated car to Nairobi, where on arrival Bridgit called her to the residence of Joyce Laboso, where she was given one card, presumably a security pass to Kasarani VIP area, where she successfully entered. She later learnt the cards were supposed to be two.

The most painful question to Marion is this… “What did you do after missing the State House Card?”

Marion Cherotich was on her way back home but “at Mahi Mahiu, Kibet Farouk called me asking me where I was. I’ve called the car designated for you… You are required in the State House.” She also says Bridgit called her asking her where she was but informed the Joyce’s PA that they have left for home, Bomet County.

This Radio interview is courtesy of Emoo FM with Pavin Sigei and Julius Kibet alongside Member of Parliamet honourable Gideon Kittur.

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