The Final Truth of Digital Migration, Pay TV & #KOTNews

Over 90 percent of Kenyans have been slapped with dark days of blank televisions following the analogue switch off to KTN, Citizen TV, NTV and QTV on 14th February 2015, just at the climax of Lovers Day – The Valentines’.


Analogue to Digital art: AN.

Blank Televisions
Crazy digital migration adverts in 2014 easily rocked our analogue TVs so often than not and everything was right until Communications Authority of Kenya and local TV stations walked along the corridors of justice attending court sessions that has finally “blinded” over 30,000,000+ citizens.CAK, with court order, forcefully entered and dismantled transmission equipment of NTV, KTN, Citizen TV and QTV  making billions of televisions in the country of poor economy perhaps useless.

The truth about Digital Migration in Kenya.

Conforming to the international standards of digital migration, the four TV stations complied to the move and had requested more time to import and install the new digital transmission equipment but Cabinet Secretary for Information, Communications and Technology Fred Matiang’i switched them off mid February, and yet the deadline for migration was dated July.

There were about 5 more months to deadline!

The hurry and forceful shutdown of analogue broadcasting was to quickly compel the media houses to surrender their signals for distribution to the government-owned SIGNET and the government’s preferred choice of  Chinese-owned distributor Pan Africa Group [PANG] that also operates Pay TV service – The Star Times.

Forcing the three media houses to avail their channels to either PANG or SIGNET will be gross violation to the right to air their own content as provided by the Self Provisioning Licence that was reinstated by the Supreme Court on Friday the 13th February 2015.

With this reinstatement, NTV, KTN and Citizen televisions have their right to transmit their own programmes without StarTimes or any other commercial pay TV providers.

The disadvantages that Digital migration brings is the compulsory purchase of a set top box. More pissing is the monthly subscription fees payments, which may be accompanied by FTA – Free To Air channels.

Will even 70% of Kenyans Afford The Pay-to-Watch Service?

Since Jubilee took to power the cost of living skyrocketed, taxes increased, VAT doubled, NSSF increased and has also reported to increase further among other things.

When the same gov’t changed a GDP formula in 2014 and declared Kenya a middle-income country, there have been no substantial economic prosperity. This was the 6th time Kenya was revising its Gross Domestic Product conducted by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), an exercise which started in 2010.

There have been a massive reaction by Kenyans On Twitter, shortly known as #KOT. There have been complains, truths and lies as well as the usual comics that creative minds bring on board.

Hilarious as they were, Kenyans expressed support to the Fourth Estate and disliked the switch off that has denied them the right to information and entertainment of sweet programmes that local TV stations showed.

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