TUGA TAI NEW ERA: Sang Hits The Road Running as Lagat Exits 6

With 28 new positions advertised today on a local daily, youngest governor in the country Stephen Sang and his deputy Yulita Mitei has rolled up their sleeves ready for work. Interested and qualified applicants for 10 CECs and 18 Chief Officers have about 12 days are required to submit application to the county secretary, Public Service Board.

Salaries for the successful candidates would be under the guidelines of Salaries and Remuneration Commission. Nandi County residents are waiting eagerly for the new formation to begin restoring the lost glory that Nandi County.

In the other hand, even with one of the most creative and attractive campaign theme song done by Young Man, current Cleophas Lagat has vacated office with hopes of moving out of the public’s fierce critics, heckling and defiance. Lagat is likely to go down as Nandi’s embarrassed leader in history if his ratings and public opinions is anything to go by,  and by extension the development projects deemed not commensurate with investment cost, including corruption scandals compared to other 46 counties in Kenya.

Newly elect Nandi County Governor Stephen Sang

The loathing, activism and don’t-care-attitude to the powers that be was beaming with one hope; to see honourable Lagat and his workers moved out – by vote – from the county offices which successfully happened on the 8th of August. Kapsabet headquarters is now in readiness to usher in a new leadership, where governor Sang has now taken over who will be joined by awaited CECs and Chief Officers in the advertised vacancies to be received before September 7th.

But nonetheless, there might be moments of his ruling that might attract positive reviews.

He may be remembered for Kapsabet Beautification project. Though in its initial stages, residents criticized the project as “unnecessary” since it was not a priority need. The people’s park had flowers, water fountain and washrooms. The cost of the project elicited mixed reactions but all in all, the construction proceeded to its completion.

Chematel administration also bought fire fighting machines. What residents decry is its deployment to fire accident scenes facing delays, which would exacerbate emergencies.

There might be more projects not mentioned herein, therefore feel free to add them below on the comments section.

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