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It has been yet another worst day for Alfred Kiptoo Keter, who stood on top of his V8 guzzler silently staring to a chanting mammoth crowd gesturing him to leave at Nandi Hills town.  He never believed for a second that the people, who used to praise him despite his lies and manipulation, would one day chase him away like an outcast. And truly, the power of the people won and he left without flossing and bragging like he is used to.

His woes began when he went against Jubilee party preferences in the Parliamentary Committee chairmanship, which according to the party was a list reflecting a national outlook. His chairmanship was soon revoked alongside his two counterparts; Kangogo Bowen and Silas Tiren.

Before long came the Treasury bills. He was arrested with others and spent three days behind bars in connection to alleged forgery and theft of 633 million, and the case is not yet over.

A Clip of protest.

To add salt to the already ailing injury of a man who dares the powers that be, who performs secret folklore in broad day light right before women and children against Nandi customs, and repeatedly declaring that he is a circumcised man, was stunned when the ruling was made nullifying his election as MP in Nandi Hills Constituency.


When he left the court to go on a meet-the-people rally from Eldoret to Nandi Hills (for a grand finale and home reception), Ketter was dumbfounded when he was shouted down, heckled and chased away at Himaki and Nandi Hills town, in a constituency he had represented as a legislator. Efforts by Silas Tiren to calm the crowd bore no fruits, and they left. There were banners mocking him while others praising Deputy President William Ruto.

Nandi Hills Constituency is going back to the ballot to vote for parliamentary election. The names to watch out for are Benard Kitur including Kibet Kisorio, Pius Metto, Eliud Kogo though they have not yet expressed interests, among others.

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