WE MUST AGREE: Nandi Governor Joins Leaders Calling For Peace along the Borders

Families in Kericho, Kisumu and Nandi borders have been urged to remain peaceful as confrontations reported in some areas. Clashes began in Muhoroni where roads were blocked and a sugar cane plantation set on fire. Kisumu County governor Anyang’ Nyongo accompanied by Woman Representative Rosa Buyu, Kerichos’s Paul Chepkwony and Nandi’s Stephen Sang went to calm tension in the region where Kipsigis, Nandi and Luo communities has had some history border conflicts.

Residents claim that cows stolen at night, and that might have been the reason of the confrontation. Affected areas were Kipsitet, Koguta, Muhoroni and Mbokwa.

Border Clashes: Photo Credits; NTV

“Police broke into their houses and sinned with women. That’s true.” Nyongo said. He continued to explain that Luos do not have any problem with Kipsigis residents. “Those guys who blocked the road did not intend to block people from this region travelling to Kisumu. No! They only had a problem with Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).


Sang weighed in. “We must agree as neighbours”. Adding that national issues should not bring conflicts to neighbours along the borders.

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