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Arguably the loudest MP in the North Rift region, Alfred Kiptoo Ketter has gone into an exile of sorts. The legislator known to pull media attention and PR gimmicks is out of the mwananchi radar, whereabouts unknown to the residents of Nandi Hills Constituency. Facing a wrath of a voter who went to Eldoret Court to petition seeking to annul his re-election, Ketter has not uttered or expressed any form of concern regarding the petition.

The petition presented that Alfred did not adhere to the Election Act/Regulation, where he is said to have campaigned beyond the dateline, accused of bribing voters and moving to polling stations during the day of voting, against the law. The case is yet to be heard and determined.

Bernard Kittur and Energy CS Charles Ketter. MP Ketter arrived later and shouted down.

During party primaries, he was re-elected with what his team has coined a “landslide win”, beating other four contestants hands down. Once he was announced the winner, he allegedly left his constituency and resided in Uasin Gishu County for long prompting questions about how concerned, committed, and interested he was to develop Nandi Hills, county’s most endowed constituency with tea and other agricultural resources.


A wave of a political storm struck the residents towards the August 8 general election, and vowed at the last minute to teach him a lesson by voting him out and bringing in new leadership on board. The only option to the people of Nandi Hills to replace Ketter was an independent candidate – Bernard Kittur, who in the Jubilee Party primaries garnered less than 200 votes.


Ketter, who was not present in Deputy President’s home in Sugoi where William Ruto was meeting North Rift leaders, is on record mocking Kittur in political rallies, that his “mere” votes cannot outdo him in the general election to the chagrin of his supporters. To his surprise – perhaps as a reason he has gone underground – less than 200 votes amounted to over 13,000 votes. Many residents regretted that time was limited to preach a gospel of change across the constituency, thus his win.

Nandi Hills Map

All is not lost to the change seekers, for there’s a pending ruling in court and its outcome may either way favour their cause or not. If it doesn’t, there will be another chance in 2022 where full lesson would well be learnt.

Arise Nandi.

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